More stations in the future!

I recently released The Station Staircases, which is about a particular station from Destination Unidentified that some players may recognise from their trip... and I will be adding some entirely new stations here in the near future. 

Currently I have a poll on Twitter regarding how to implement these stations; if you don't have Twitter you are also welcome to tell me your vote in a comment here! If anyone has further thoughts or requests about this please feel free to let me know. Whichever way I add the stations, it will be a free update for anyone who has purchased the game.

Thank you for your support of the game and I hope you will enjoy the new stations to visit when they arrvive! 

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I'd love to see them as an expansion! Can't wait!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'll be working on them in August and hope to have them ready by early September!